How important are good images for your SEO

For a page, it is very important to have optimization on images. It is important because, with the help of extra optimization on images, traffic on a page can increase, considerably. It can also provide a better experience for the users and can help search engines like Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go etc. to prefer that page over others. Before knowing the importance of optimization on images, you should read how to avoid google penalties first as it can be quite helpful.

Hence, here is how important good images are for your search engine optimization:

  1. With the help of image optimization, you can increase the ranking of your page

Optimizing your page’s images is important because it can help your page get higher rankings on google image searches. In addition to getting high rankings on search engines, you can easily increase the traffic of your web pages, exponentially. This is more prone to businesses who deal with services and products based on images. This is why sites that have more images get more traffic, especially when the images are optimized for users and search engines.

  1. When your image is optimized, it can reduce the load on your site

It is known that images make a website heavier. But by optimizing the images on your page, you can easily decrease the load time. This can be beneficial because users can’t wait even for a few seconds to get the information they need. In this fast-paced world, everyone wants things fast. That is why it is important to optimize your images on your website. If it takes longer to load, search engines like Google, Bing etc. will automatically reject that site in their search engine rankings.

  1. Optimizing images can have a bigger effect in increasing internet visibility by watching trends

Trends can help businesses get exposure but using images and optimizing them by following the popular trends can have even bigger effect in increasing online visibility. This works because Google’s algorithm matches with the popular trends and the image that is optimized and ends up attracting the users to your web page. If you want to know more about it then read how increasing internet visibility by watching trends is possible.

  1. Images attract customers and make it more visually appealing

According to a recent study, researchers have proven that images get the attention of users more than texts as they find it a chore to read texts rather than reading a few words with a visually appealing picture that conveys the message.

  1. By optimizing your images, your image can get more clicks than usual

This is possible by using social media pages. By posting image posts and optimizing them, the posts have a higher chance of reaching to the targeted audience. This can increase traffic to your web page, considerably as the more clicks there are—the more shares there will be. And ultimately, you will get more clicks than you would have gotten without optimizing your images. Therefore, optimizing your images with the help of a search engine marketing expert can greatly help you in increasing the number of clicks on your image posts.